• Association of Fishers and Lake Users of Uganda (AFALU)


To build a common front and forum to offer and act as a single representative organ for the needs of fishers, fish dealers, fish organizations and other lake users to enable them address their social- economic challenges.


To promote fishing and present it as a living and a coherent development activity in Uganda as well as encouraging the attitude of positive change among fishers.


We are guided by the following core aims and objectives in all our operations and dealings with our stakeholders:

  1. To unite and harness all fishermen/women, establish one common front and forum for all fishing related associations and act as a single representative organ for the needs, requirements and proposals of fishermen/women amongst themselves, the government and other organizations.

  2. To persuade, lobby and encourage government to formulate a marine exploitation policy that is conducive to fishermen/women and to the fishing related business society which is environment friendly.

  3. To develop modern fishing methods for better productivity as well as cooperating with government to control and eliminate illegal fishing on the lakes.

  4. In conjunction with government, to promote clear fishing laws and regulations, security on lakes and water bodies, marketing channels and market information of fishing products

  5. To promote the social-economic welfare of fishermen/women and individuals and entities engaged in fishing related industry

  6. To do any other lawful activity aimed at promoting the political, social and economic well being of members of the association and the fishing community in general.